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Philosophy & Values

The philosophy of the Department of Physical Education and Athletics is in harmony with the mission of the college. Our aim is to provide each student with the opportunity to experience, explore, and develop their physical, mental and emotional potential. To facilitate this growth process, the Department of Athletics and Physical Education encourages the student to participate in any number of programs and/or courses offered by the department. A carefully planned integration of programs allows the student to become involved and to be challenged to the level of his/her choice. Intercollegiate sports, physical education courses, intramural sports, and recreational opportunities collectively provide this opportunity.

The Department of Physical Education and Athletics believes that through participation in these programs the individual is given the unique opportunities to develop skills that will enhance their ability to make appropriate choices in life and to contribute positively to society. As educators we recognize and accept our responsibility to create an environment that promotes the following values:

  • that student athletes are an integral part of our college community.
  • that intercollegiate athletes and athletic teams have the responsibility to behave in an appropriate manner that reflects well upon the college
  • that participation in athletics fosters the development of positive leadership, communication and social skills through fair and equitable opportunities for both genders.
  • that pursuit of excellence and success is expected.
  • that intercollegiate athletics, instruction in physical/health education, intramurals, recreation, and club sports each provide important opportunities for students to enhance their college experience.
  • that it is important to provide an avenue for all students to pursue physical activity and to develop an appreciation of health and fitness that will influence the development of healthful habits throughout life.
  • that discipline and commitment to self and others is a valuable attribute.
  • that a superior quality of teaching and coaching are expected of all coaches and that members of the department should be encouraged to be innovators.
  • that as professionals, all department members are committed to upholding principles of integrity and respect and that these principles are not to be compromised to achieve other goals.

With these values in mind, the department will evaluate program offerings on a regular basis to ensure that we meet the needs of the current student population.